Zend Framework

Zend framework is an open-source framework that is widely being used for the development of highly productive and user-friendly web applications or websites. This framework has extensively simplified the development of web applications by making use of object-oriented programming. It divides the complete process into objects and classes which help developers develop websites much easily and conveniently. It has made the development of web 2.0 websites much easy which allows users to customize a website according to their requirements. A large number of web 2.0 websites can be found on the web with great customizing text editing features.

In the Zend framework in India and UAE developers can make use of loosely coupled components independently defined in its library. Like some other PHP frameworks, it also supports MVC (Model view controller) architecture, providing it enough capabilities to develop web applications. It also supports polymorphism and inheritance facilities in coding. It makes developers easy to extensively use codes that are defined, multiple times, saving their time and effort. Our offices situated in India and UAE.

Owing to its object-oriented nature, developers can define a number of virtual classes in it to create objects of these classes in another function. Classes and objects once defined can be used multiple times in any other class because it supports inheritance. Due to all these features, developers are loving this framework and are delivering extremely excellent websites to customers who meet their business goals.

Zend Framework, also called ZF, has brought tremendous changes in PHP web application development.

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    As contrary to the fundamental website development platforms, Zend allows the development of productive PHP-based solutions and web applications. Today, the Zend framework in India and UAE is one of the most popular web development frameworks used across the world to create interactive and stunning websites, and that too with a genuine reason.


    Zend Framework

    Zend framework has given web application development a new dimension with its distinct features. Which are?

    Numerous classes

    Object-oriented in nature

    Focus on coding and not on basic coding

    Increased use of inheritance and polymorphism

    Development practice, which is test-driven

    Documentation and community

    Since its release, the framework has a warm welcome from the developer’s end. As a result, there is a strong community providing their ideas to the developers, and everyone can have their view in the face of the framework. The fact that the code is an open source helps ensure a large community. Due to its increasing popularity, the Zend Framework is currently helping developers who want to bet on a framework for awesome web development.

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