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There’s no better way to connect with your callers 24X7 rather than your toll free number along with IVR functionality. It also enhances or surplus credibility to a business as caller not gets charged for connecting with you.

Toll Free number is the best way to establish a professional connection with your potential customers. It is a free and comfortable system that helps your customers to get in touch with you. You bear the charges for the calls made by the customers. And customers are free to make calls from fixed landlines and mobile phones from anywhere in the country and outside.

We offer a cost effective Toll Free Number package which is a bundle of all the useful features that are used in the industry at present. The prices at which we are offering these services are surely the most competitive prices in the industry.A2Z Webinfotech is a promising Toll Free Service Provider in India. What makes us so popular is that we provide toll free services with IVR integrated services so that your customers can connect with you free of cost and without any discomfort. Our services are available at the best prices in the market.

At A2Z Webinfotech, we strive to provide creative Toll Free Number services at very convenient prices to help our clients establish connection with their customers across the planet. We work to provide inbuilt call log and call management feature which comes with our unique web based panel with each toll free number. This gives you all the control to manage and conveniently handle your toll free number without any professional assistance.

How Exactly Toll free Services Actually Works

If somebody, who calls on your Toll free Number (1800 XXX XXXX), first he / she will hear a Company welcome message as Welcome to ABC Company Limited, We offer the special products and services and post welcome message IVR extension option will come:

Press 1 for Sales Department
Press 2 for HR Department
Press 3 for Marketing Department
Press 5 for Accounts Department
Press 9 for customer care

On the basis of the elected option by caller, call is automatically transfer to any handset or phone assigned to that extension and executive will assist you on your query.

And after call ended, System will send SMS on caller number with customer sender ID, Example: Pay TM, ID-Idea, Tata Sky, and VM-ICICIB

Design Features

We deal with almost all the services with latest trends in technology. Serving 500+ Customers worldwide

CRM PANEL Full Access

Theme base panel for effective Management.

Free SMS Notifications

Unlimited SMS facility with zero cash.

Welcome Greeting

Pre-record Welcome message on call.

Music on Hold

Features pre-set up music if call is put on hold.

Activation 0-24 Hr

Activates with in 24 hours of installation.Unlimited SMS facility with zero cash....

Toll Free Series- 1800

1800 Series is provides as contact number.


Professional Image

  • OVoicemail
  • Multi Level IVR
  • Language Preference

Advance Alert & Report

  • 2 ways SMS Notification
  • Real Time Analysis
  • Email Alert

24*7 Availability

  • Intelligent call Routing
  • Always Connected
  • Office Timing Setup

Simple Online Panel

  • Easily Manageable
  • Multi Agent Login
  • Call Logs


  • Multiple Extensions .
  • Free Calls as per Plan .
  • No Hidden Charges.
  • No Set up Fee.
  • Handles Multiple Calls: - 6 Channels.
  • Free Email Notification.
  • Missed Call Reporting.
  • Black List / White List Callers.

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