Toll Free Service

There is no better path to connecting with your callers 24X7 with your toll-free number with IVR functionality. It also adds credibility to your business wherein the caller not get charged to attach with you.

  • Free for Callers

  • Improve the quality of Leads

  • Sounds more Professional

  • Increase your Business Enquiry

A Toll-Free number lets the caller make the call free of cost and connect with the called party (i.e. the business). The caller does not pay the bill for the call, unlike the normal person-to-person calls where the calling person is charged as per their billing plan. Our Branch Offices are in various countries like India and UAE. A cost-free number is a free number for the guest who decides. Cost-free numbers are straightforward, adaptable in their work, and advantageous to both the business and its clients.

Quick Enquiry

Quick Enquiry


1800 Number For Callers

Call Attending at 1st Ring

Distribute Same Information to Each Caller

Increase your brand image for callers

No Hardware cost

Never loss business leads

Pay-as-you-grow model

Scale without adding manpower


Professional Image

* Professional Company welcome message
* Multi-Level IVR
* Call transfer as per language preference
* On-hold Music, Voicemail, Sticky

Super Advance Alert and Report

* Call Recording
* Call logs
* 2 way SMS Notification
* Email alerts, Caller Number blocking
* Real-time analysis

24/7 Multiple Connectivity

* Always Connected
* Multiple Call Connected on Single Number
* Intelligent Call Routing
* Office timing Setup

Simple Online Panel

* Easily manageable
* Multi-Agent Login

How to Tollfree Services Actually Works

Any individual who approaches your Tollfree Number (1800 XXX XXXX) will initially hear a Company invite message (Welcome to ABC Company Limited, We offers the uncommon items and administrations) and post invite message IVR expansion alternative will come:

  • Press 1 for Sales Department

  • Press 2 for HR Department

  • Press 3 for the Marketing Department

  • Press 5 for Accounts Department

  • Press 9 for customer care

In view of the expansion, alternatively chose by a guest, the Incoming call will be consequently steered to any versatile or landline telephone mapped to that augmentation and the specialist starts talking with a client. Also, post-call finished, System will consequently send SMS on the guest number with your custom sender ID.