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There are very important reasons for using a professional SMTP server: in the past (before the spam era), sending emails was not problematical, whereas nowadays it is extremely important to follow the regulations of all email servers in order to avoid messages ending up in spam folders or even being deleted by email servers.

Different email servers treat emails in different ways, according to the reputability of SMTP servers, white-lists and black-lists.

SMTP servers provided by standard ISPs (Internet turbo Provider – DSL internet connection) are not always reliable: they use random IP addresses and occasionally one or more of these IPs are blacklisted, which can cause you problems when sending emails.

The worst thing is that you will not be aware of these problems: you will simply send emails and you will do not know whether or not they arrive. Moreover, if you travel and use different internet connections like Wi-Fi, UMTS/EDGE and so on, you have to change your SMTP settings each time.

A2Z Webinfotech provides a reliable and cost-effective SMTP service. We constantly monitor blacklists and focus on maintaining relationships with major email providers to keep our servers white listed. This means that all email servers recognize your messages as safe and all of your messages are delivered.

Features We Offer

Below are the features we provide in SMTP Server Services which vary from package to package

Custom SPF
Custom DKIM
Custom tracking domains
Spam filter testing
Open Tracking
Click Tracking
Unsubscribe Tracking
HTML Support
Online Web Panel
No Static IP Required
Dedicated IP (Extra Cost)
Image Support
Bounce Report
Mail Open Report

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