Lead Management

LMS stands for Lead Management Software. This technology helps you to manage your employee performance and analyze the ROI of lead sources with customized workflow. We have the best Lead Management Solution for Your Business Growth. Complete all sales activities, see detailed company and contact records and view communication history all in one place so that you can manage leads without the hassle or wasted efforts. We help you to manage and follow up all leads in one place. It lets you assign different prospects to different agents and track them in one place. Our Branch Offices are in various countries like India and UAE.

You can personalize your customer outreach without searching for details. Organize and score leads as they are captured. Leads can be organized in multiple ways by geography, by the media channel, they are sourced from, their behavioral traits, and more. Without a flexible lead management system, it can be challenging to coordinate distribution, follow-up, and management schedules.

Easy to use, flexible to suit your specific needs –

  • Easy and straightforward manner to manage individual leads. Track the performance all automated when and how you like.

  • Make your operations more transparent & increase your business

  • Our Lead Management technology helps you to manage your employee performance and analyze the ROI of lead sources with customized workflow.

  • We work as SAAS which allows you to access from anywhere on Computer, Tablet, or Mobile.

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    In today’s fast-moving business times, the probability that you are not up-to-date with new technologies is shrinking the growth of your business. Every company, big or small, any industry, needs a constant flow of happy customers and clients. Organizations generate leads through various online & offline marketing initiatives to convert these leads into customers. The majority of the companies use hard copy or excel sheets to maintain the details of these leads. Any follow-ups done, conversions made, or even discarded leads are still managed on paper or time-consuming excel sheets.

    You spend money and resources on marketing efforts to generate leads, what happens to it? Well, most marketing leads are never pursued. It’s estimated that 80% of leads generated through marketing get lost, discarded, or ignored. That’s a lot of lost revenue. Also, most leads don’t convert on the first impression, which means they need to be nurtured over time.


    One Dashboard For All

    Call Recording

    Lead Capture

    Work Anywhere

    Powerful Forms


    Pay-As-You-Grow Model

    Real-Time Reports


    Single Dashboard to manage all leads

    * Leads All in One Place
    * Add or remove leads easily
    * Search leads by any column
    * Manage leads distribution

    Call Recording And Advance Report

    * Real-time Reports
    * Call history of dialogs
    * Communication Reports
    * Customised Report
    * Call Recording


    * Auto Integration ( Vendors, Website, IVR)
    * API capability to share or receive data
    * Upload bulk data in excel sheet format

    Scalable with Pay Per Go

    * Pay only for what you use “Increase or reduce user as you need

    How Lead Management Services Works

    • Automate your Operations: With our smart tools, automate your operations in no time and make room to focus on strategy. Organize, channel, and optimize your workflows for maximum efficiency.

    • Make Business Rules: Build your own business rule which expected to be trailed by every individual:- Powerful Form, Disposition dependent on client talk, Campaign for Data Sources, Prospect nitty-gritty sections, Communication SMS/Email layout dependent on miens,

    • Lead Distribution: Distribute your lead according to the present prerequisite of the business line – Pool assignment, Specific Allocation, and Rule-based. Make an auto rule motor according to the prerequisite.

    • Client Overview according to require: You can see the client as you need to see (Count, Amount, Location, Status, Source, and so forth)

    • Client Management: Manage your clients on Cloud – no intranet or server required. With cloud-based Web Software/Mobile Application, Upload the information in programming Or incorporate the lead sources. We appreciate the simplicity of a paperless office.

    • Improve Team Performance: based on reports (Call Recording, Disposition chronicles of dial-out, Login hours, Complete nitty gritty report) you can execute your group to improve execution.

    • Work and track from anyplace: Your representatives can work from any place and you can keep tabs on their development

    • Adaptable instrument: Lead Management Services is a device that can be gotten to by numerous tallies with a progression that makes business progressively effective and versatile.