Cake PHP Framework

CakePHP is one of the widely used frameworks for the development of highly productive websites. Many reputed brands are using this framework like Hyundai, BMW for the development of their websites. It is used in the development of products called rapid application development (RAD). Some applications need to be developed in less time as per the requirement of the company and for this CakePHP framework is the best choice which ensures a fast and effective website as the end product. This framework is widely being used by many companies who require a website in less time? Our offices are in India and UAE.

CakePHP allows MVC architecture which has made it more efficient and popular than before. This architecture has allowed breaking a complex task in different models making project development much easier than before.

Why Choose CakePHP for Web Development?

CakePHP is not only convenient and flexible but it also supports MVC (Model View Controller) which allows dividing a complex project into smaller tasks called tasks and led to the easy development of the project

Its simple and convenient design allows Rapid development of projects used in rapid application development (RAD).

It makes e-commerce web development easy and fast as it requires a fewer number of codes as compared to other frameworks.

CakePHP framework uses a flexible directory structure that can be used in customer environments. It is compatible with the most popular database providers like SQL, MySQL, as well as high logging and caching capabilities. Tried and tested features that have led you to develop web applications with no worries.

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    Providing its services for multiple years, the architecture provided by the framework allows for a trim to delivery, your team can focus on developing great projects. CakePHP supports multiple testing like unit testing with PHP unit out-of-the-box, and there are many more plugins available to expand and enhance this framework beyond its basic capabilities.

    A2z Web Infotech Provides CakePHP Web Development Services in India and UAE. A2z Web Infotech is helping many customers in India and UAE develop their websites using this framework and helping them achieve their business goals in less time and effort. Our expert developers who are developing web applications for decades can deliver you a stunning website that is according to their needs and requirements.
    Our services are available in India and UAE for customers, who are willing to get a stunning and user-friendly website in less time.

    Our services are affordable as we do not charge high and the websites, we develop are more productive than others. If you too need a business website to be developed in CakePHP consult our development teams. Our highly expert developers are always ready to help you in building a website that will take you to a new zenith of your business.